Monday, February 6, 2012

I wish I wish I wish I was born a man

Martha Wainwright, as interviewed for the music issue of The Believer:
BLVR: Are you recording as you're writing?

MW: No, I can't stand the sound of my own voice. I can't stand listening back to it. I think it's devastating. Once I think the song is coming together I'll think, OK, let's try it from the top. I perform it for myself, from beginning to end, to make sure that it makes sense, if its' pleasing, or if it has an arc, or whatever. I'm performing it for myself, and I'm listening to myself do it in the room, to know whether it's complete or not. But I don't record it, because when I have recorded, I've listened back and been disappointed by what I've heard.

SK: She has one of my favorite voices. Let that be a lesson to us all.

Oh I wish I wish I wish I was born a man / So I could learn how to stand up for myself / Like those guys with guitars / I've been watching in bars / Who've been stamping their feet to a different beat
To a different beat / To a different beat