Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Step One: We Can Have Lots of Fun

It's time to stop my yakkin' and do some things.

~Performed first original song in public with Rachel & Gretchen on back-up. #WOOT
~Booked horn gigs for June 4 and June 17. #wootwoot
~Subbed as pianist/choir director for PSUMC. Learned 14 pieces in less than 24 hours. #waytosayyes #PANICINDUCEDWOOT

Next Steps
~Find a vocal coach who specializes in working with songwriters.
~Find a patient horn teacher who knows a thing or two about rock/studio gigging.
~Find a composition/counterpoint/arranging/orchestration teacher who gets/appreciates songwriting.
~Schedule June/July trip to Nashville to record demo of "Ask, Seek, & Knock."
~Decide whether to attend Berklee's Summer Songwriting Workshop.

Play Dates
~Play horn exercises/long tones along with my favorite albums. Invent horn solos where God never intended them to be.
~Show Alison Krauss & Union Station what that fourth harmony part sounds like.
~Dance to Oscar de Leon (while making candles?).

PS - What's this about NKOTB and Glee? Could it be? (We can have lots of fun, Joe McIntyre.)

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  1. This is way too exciting. I can't take it :) Go Sarah!