Saturday, March 5, 2011

I'm starting a band. And this is what we will look like.

Partially inspired by Lemon Peele's recent Ladies' Rock Camp experience, in which completely normal women with normal jobs and no performance experience formed perfectly normal bands and played a gig within 3 days, I have decided that what's-the-big-deal-about-people-of-like-minds-playing-music-together-I-mean-when's-it-ever-gonna-be-just-the-right-time-Virginia-because-the-only-way-to-start-it-is-to-start.

As you guys know, I've recorded one song so far.  But each of my songs calls for a different instrumental set-up and I'd like to get really imaginative, so, rather than producing and fleshing out my list of 30-some songs in the solitude of my password-protected eye-scan-for-entry vacuum-sealed downstairs lair, it's time to do this thing right. Like, with people.

Last night's decision made, I biked out to Coney Island and back today with my friend, Whirlwend, to get in the proper mindset for an artists' date this afternoon at Ozzie's. While she sketched some far more sophisticated pieces (she sells micro-watercolors, ladies and gents, and they're uncommonly good), I dreamed up a picture of the band: Spotsylvania's Marching Knights.

Here they (we) are! [CLICK TWICE FOR CLOSE-UPS.]

Though my preferences are expressed clearly in the sketch, I am flexible on gender, personal style, and facial hair (read: the trombonists don't all have to be bald). I have favorites already.

I'm looking to collaborate on songwriting, play gigs, and record. It's an ambitious ensemble, I know. That's why it's taken me a decade to approach it.

I just posted the ad on Craiglist. Interested parties inquire within.

Now I vomit.


  1. Ha! I guessed who Whirlwend was before looking at the link!! :) Keep up the good work.

  2. That's exactly how I pictured your band. Reminds me a lot of the Peanuts Gang.

  3. Best date I've been on in years, Sarah. THANKS! I hear the band in my head already.

  4. Now I'd like to figure out who LeesMyth is...