Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Greenwood Cemetery 4/10/12

i will grow old 
and grow apart from all that's dear to me
i will grow old
i will grow old

sickness and death will surely come to me
i will go on
i will go on

in the sun
there is nothing that is done
(earth and sun)

here, i have made huge mistakes
i haven't been all that i could be
i've fought, hidden, and lied
i haven't seen what's right before me

i am subject to illness, to blind spots
and blind sides
i fall heir to all of this even to forgiveness

i do not know
that there'll be golden gates or glassy sea
if there'll be hands, or face, to welcome me
i'll be alone and will not know

that dawn will break
fearless as the heart leveled after an earthquake

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