Thursday, April 25, 2013

The Plus-One's New Music Wish List

Over the past seven years, Alaska has been my good-spirited +1 for many an experimental music concert. Finally, after years of absorbing the "new music" scene, he has come up with his wish list for an ideal program. I share it here; any composers want to make this significant other's dreams come true?


Concert opener for man in cheap bear suit with ursalogical tape. [3'30"]

Four movement song cycle (SSA) based on text setting of "Lunchables" ingredients label. [15']

Duet for bassoon and oysters with live electronics. [8']

Solo for closed piano and two hands with no rests. [ 9'06"]

"Traffic" for brass, boats, trains, bicycles, airplanes, automobiles, and multi-media. [13']


"Disdain" for rhythmically crossed arms, stamped feet, voice. [2']

Tone poem on Shiitake mushrooms for saxophone, electric organ, flute, triangle, recorder. [40']


(I think he's getting the hang of this.)

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