Monday, April 14, 2014

Song without Words

Well, it has words now. But it's a song that I've been carrying around without words for a long time.

either I saw a flash of light
across your eyes into the night
or everything you ever said was true

the comfort of your crooked home
its magic draw and silent hopes
because I needed you

I have been the world around
to map the contours of its ground
but earth itself has no escaping you

I've watched you slip right through the hands
of God's own sealed and foolproof plans
and passed it off as the loving thing to do
when I needed you

from the bottom of this canyon rock
swept free of pride and past the shock
it's telling when there's nothing left to lose

that I stand here as my final act
with life, and sense, and soul intact to say

I'm leaving you


voices 2&3:
you'll have to go it solo
those hearts can't make it through

you've always had it, so go
don't look behind of you

one step follows the other
new place, new life, new home

and when it all comes crashing
you'll face those fears alone

voice 4:
to the rescue
neck deep in water when I found you

to the rescue
just let it go and come to me

voice 1:
when the scenery came down
I found myself on solid ground
 - SK, 2010-2014

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