Sunday, July 11, 2010

Song Alert! "i am a projector"

OK, so I've written a song. Mostly it wrote itself on April 12th, but then I fiddled with parts of it through May and then again tonight. I may still make some changes but in the spirit of making pie then giving people pie, here's some pie:

a noodgy mother in Canada sets her son upon the world
the birds go wild
a natural disaster when she wakes up every day
another story is filed

i am a projector
writing life all over you
be blank be beautiful
whatever else you do

i want the overground life of an affluent New Yorker
a place up in the sky
so I see grand design not brick and mortar
my clothes pressed and dry

i am a projector
showing life all over you
be free be beautiful
whatever else you do

i'll pay good money for a band to set me free
to break my rules, to sing and dance for me
be my dreams and my sexuality
all for a life lived audaciously

i am a projector
i've got my life all over you
be what i'm looking for
whatever else you do

1. Slice it up, give pieces to other people, stick it on your fridge, post it on your wall, or whatever you like. But if you do, be kind and please HYPERLINK!

2. Also, extra blogger points to anyone who identifies the two celebrities referenced in the first four lines of the song.

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Beautiful.


    Now time to re-read ... a couple dozen times.