Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Away with Me

Hey, there.

Alaska and I are on vacation but I promise the blog will roll again when I'm back! For now, if you have some extra time, please check out my singer-songwriter friends Rachel Zylstra and Mary Bragg.

Rachel, in addition to packing a highly verbal punch into every colorful piano-based tune, also runs an advice column called Advice Music. You have a question or concern? Email it to her and she'll reply in the form of a song. No lie. http://advicemusic.blogspot.com

"Songbird" Mary Bragg fronts her uncommonly good band with a voice that wields the earnestness of Patty Griffin and the purity of Alison Krauss. She's also in residence at The Living Room in NYC this month. http://www.marybragg.com

Until later,

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