Monday, January 3, 2011

Gary Gnu and the Good Gnews

No, I have misled you. Gary Gnu is not really making a guest appearance on my blog. But oh, how I wish. (If you're out there, Gary, please come see us sometime!)

 There will be other guests appearing soon. For now, we cut to the good gnews.

If you take a peek at my last blog entry where I made my first song release available for download that's right I said DOWNLOAD and that means you can have it for free to rip/burn/mp3/post-to-Ukrainian-piracy-sites, you might notice that there are two comments. The first was quite the jaw-dropping surprise to me: a request for a press interview from Fredericksburg Patch.

Now, press interviews I know aallll about. Like, what time of day Steve Reich, John Adams, Elliott Carter like to have them. Which phone numbers to use depending on where they are currently residing. What clips, photos, and autobiographies to send in advance, which questions aforementioned gentlemen are dog-tired of answering, and which topics will light them up.

But this press request was for me -- wha? Tread lightly, publicist! Hmm, boundaries. I'd certainly never feel it appropriate to pitch myself to any of my music contacts, but in the case where an editor and writer come across my blog and approach me? Well, that seems ethical. Aaaaaaaaaand completely unexpected.

Gee, gorsh. The result was a 20-minute phoner, conducted via cell phone from our 1999 Subaru as it traversed the great great horizontal length of Pennsylvania. The story appeared online just 6 days after the post -- oh, that every song would get its own story!

Many thanks to the writer, Michelle Habel, for a generous interview and a sweet piece.

(Note to self: learn to speak in intelligible sound bytes. I mean, yee-haw.)

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