Sunday, January 23, 2011

Step Four: I Can Give You More - Part 2

Further to Step-Four-I-Can-Give-You-More's catalog of songs, here's a look at progress since October. 

~Recorded and released first song for free download.
~Had my first press interview.
~Played a prog rock horn gig in Bay Ridge.
~Subbed for pianist/choir director at PSUMC. Also sang ballsy a cappella duet with Leila.
~Worked chest voice up to F4, comfortably. Heading toward C5.
~Writing two new songs.
Next Steps
~Arrange and record "Boats & Snow" for piano, horn, vocals.
~Keep vocalizing with my real voice and get rid of all that awful training.
~Buy big ukulele chord chart poster for music studio wall.
~Book voice lesson for March?
~Book horn lesson for April?
~Continue block-buzzing on horn mouthpiece and work range up to C5. (F4) Practice duets and etudes from July lesson.

Play Dates
~Regular meet-up with brass quartet at PSUMC.
~Learn something, anything on uke.

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