Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Make It, Take It


I want to make pies! Intentionally, extravagantly, with complete disregard for how long it takes or whether there is any purpose in doing so.

The urge overtook me last night on the plane back from Arkansas. A magical place it was, where my tour guide and I ate a Sonic breakfast and drove past Toad Suck on our way to the Pig Trail. After almost 6 years in New York City, the smell of honeysuckle brings tears to my eyes. So we drove with the windows down, singing our brains out to the Best of Heart, Ben Folds, and Hall & Oates. ("Won't ya smile a mile for me, Sara[h]?")

I don't think it was just the Hot Springs and delta fare that put me in such a home-makey state of mind, though. I've been thinking a lot about it lately. It seems it's been on Molly Sheridan's Mind, as well. Whose job is it to make life beautiful these days?

I want to shift the balance. More time spent making things, creating and enjoying experiences that enhance the quality of life. Less time achieving, acquiring, and consuming products and services. When I do this my musical creativity soars—never do I sing so joyfully as when I'm making soup or jam.

I want to make music just like I'm making pies. Who cares about perfection? Just a warm plate taken with good company.

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