Sunday, June 20, 2010

Step Two: There's So Much We Can Do

It's time for another progress report!

~Found horn teacher, began lessons, and started process of resetting embouchure.
~Chose a vocal coach, had my first lesson, and cried smack in the middle of it. #yessss
~Played first "new music" gig on horn . . . ever? I successfully played most of the notes as the composer/conductor intended, which, Peter Reit the Wise Horn Teacher says: "Sounds about like playing the horn."
~Stepped in unprepared at the last second and sang a verse-long solo for an NEC-trained countertenor at church. NO. DID NOT LIKE.
~Found 3 people in bands who want some horn. (If you play it, they will come.)

Next Steps
~Find a vocal coach who specializes in working with songwriters.
~Find a patient horn teacher who knows a thing or two about rock/studio gigging.
~Schedule June/July trip to Nashville to record demo of "Ask, Seek, & Knock." POSTPONED UNTIL THE FALL, AFTER SOME VOICE LESSONS.
~Decide whether to attend Berklee's Summer Songwriting Workshop. NO.
~Find a composition/counterpoint/arranging/orchestration teacher who gets/appreciates songwriting. STILL NEED TO DO THIS ONE. SOUNDS HARD.
~Start vocalizing with my real voice and get rid of all that awful training.
~Book voice lesson for July.
~Book horn/piano duet with Pam at PSUMC.
~Follow up with 3 bands-needing-horn.
~Continue block-buzzing on horn mouthpiece and work range up to C5. (F4) Practice duets and etudes for July lesson.

Play Dates
~Play horn and guitar duet with Amy. Try out Ft. Lauderdale First Date song with her nylon string guitar.
~Coordinate Southern gospel trio with Leila and Sarah T.
~Go berry picking (...and sing in the car on the way there?...) and make pies/jam (...while singing...)!!!
~Gather friends for Midsummer Night Swing and Salsa on the Pier.
~Join Pam's poetry collective.

And I admit that, while I had hoped to be Mrs. McIntyre, I did end up being Mrs. Knight and that would've been my second choice. Jordan's not that bad. But Alaska is even better.


  1. Sounds like playing the horn indeed! You played beautifully, and it was a pleasure to have you. I'd be curious to hear more about this composition-like teacher you're looking for... if I might be at all a fit, I certainly wouldn't begrudge you asking for a free lesson or two in return for your playing for me.

  2. Oh my goooosh can I come berry picking/car singing with you!??

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