Monday, October 17, 2011

The Scarlet Test: Big Red A+

Thanks to those of you who submitted comments to last week's post. I really appreciate it.

Role models! Here's my Top 10 gallery of leading ladies who pass The Scarlet Test with a big red A+. Dangerous talent ahead.
10. Cameryn Manheim - Actress
9. Queen Latifah - Actress, Singer, Rapper
8. Sophie Guillemin - Actress
7. Adele - Singer/songwriter  
6. Breezee One - Rapper
5. Melissa McCarthy - Actress, comedian
4. Ann Wilson - Singer (Heart)
3. Carnie Wilson- Singer/songwriter (Wilson Phillips)  
2. Christina Hendricks - Actress
1. Scarlet K - Singer/songwriter
That's right: Move over, bacon.

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